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Marka laga soo tago alaabada caafimaadka waxay ka caawisaa Hindiya inay la dagaallanto cudurka faafa

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While the growth rate of the global epidemic has slowed down, India is suffering from a new round of crisis. In the past two months, the number of confirmed cases in India has increased by more than 1 million. Data shows that India’s second wave of epidemic rebound is continuing to intensify, and the situation is not optimistic. When reporting the dynamics of the epidemic that has spread rapidly this round, the Indian media even used the words "India is in a hurry."

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The Indian market is a market that Billion Medical has cultivated for many years, and our company is also very concerned about the epidemic situation in India. Starting from mid-February 2021, Beyond Medical's Indian service team has been in close communication with local authorized dealers to find out the status of existing medical equipment in some hospitals, and urgently sent a batch of accessories to protect our equipment Well run.

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At the same time, distributors in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, based on their company's current product inventory, made bold decisions and placed bulk orders with our company, including non-invasive ventilators, syringe pumps, and infusion pumps, with a total number of more than 2,000 units. At present, the dealer's decision is very correct, which not only saves purchase costs and logistics costs, but also greatly improves sales opportunities. The distributors are very happy, because they have made a great contribution to fighting the epidemic in their hometown, and they also recognize the high cost-effectiveness and high quality of Beyond medical products. At present, more distributors are negotiating follow-up purchase orders and long-term cooperation intentions.

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We hope that the people of China and India can strengthen exchanges, and Beyond Medical can help the Indian people fight the epidemic.

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