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Caafimadka Carabta 2023|Caafimaadka BYOND Oo Ka Soo Muuqday Carwada Caafimaadka Caalamiga ah ee Caafimaadka Carabta

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Carabta Carabta 2023|BYOND Caafimaadku wuxuu ka muuqdaa goobtaCaafimaadka Carabta Bandhigga Caafimaadka Caalamiga ah 

           From January 30 to February 2, 2023, the 48th Arab International Medical Device Exhibition (Arab Health) was grandly held in Dubai. This is one of the most large -scale and professional comprehensive medical devices in the world. BYOND Medical, as a Chinese brand force that cannot be ignored, takes responsibility, implements high -quality development tasks, improves corporate competitiveness and influence, implements "going global" Strategies to grasp the domestic and international dual cycles. In 2023, the first stop of the BYOND Medical International Exhibition fell in Dubai, the largest center of trade and business in the Middle East.

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   The product line is fully layout, and the product capacity continues to upgrade. With high -quality products, the BYOND medical booth has attracted friends from all countries. At the exhibition site, BYOND International Sales Director Kenny Sunand the foreign trade manager Sam Ouyang shared the latest achievements brought by BYOND Medical with the world experts and customers at the exhibition site with full enthusiasm and high -quality services. It is highly recognized, and there are Bangladesh customers who directly pay the deposit on the spot to lock the orders.

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