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Easyfit Nasal CPAP mask
EaseFit NMI-NV chigoba cha m'mphuno cha cpap

EaseFit NMI-NV chigoba cha m'mphuno cha cpap

Zambiri Zamalonda
Chithunzi Cholozera
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Vented Type: EasyFit NMINon vented Type: EasyFit NMI-NV

1.Three size (S,M and L) to fit patient with weight >30kg
2.Air-leaking prevent: 2-layer of cushions made from medical silicon  
3.Safe: with Anti-asphyxia valve and anti-blocking holes
4.Comfortable: two direction adjustment to fit any size of face
5.Easy to wear or take-off  

Chiwerengero cha ntchito
The nasal mask provides an interface for application of CPAP or bi-level ventilation therapy to patients. It is for single patient use in the home/hospital/institutional environment.


KusiyanaEasyFit NMIEasyFit NMI-NV
TypeVented, with anti-blocking holesNon Vented
cholumikizira1 piece, Grey color male2 pieces, Grey colored male type, and Blue colored female type

CommonEasyFit NMI/ EasyFit NMI-NV
Tube compatibleφ22mm (ISO 5356-1)
kukanizaDrop in pressure measured
at 50L / min ≤1 cmH2O
at 100L / min ≤2 cmH2O
Zambiri zakuthamboDead space refers to the internal cavity of the mask elbow at the end of volume.
Use medium size cushions, the volume of 147 ml.
Mndandanda wazitsulo4-30cmH2O
Open-to-atmosphere pressure0.7cmH2O
Close-to-atmosphere pressure2.5cmH2O
kuwombaIn accordance with ISO 4871
Less than 35dBA
ZachilengedweOperating temperature: + 5  mpaka + 40 ;
Operating humidity, 15-95% relative humidity, non-condensing.
Storage and transport temperature: -20  mpaka + 60 ;
Storage and transport humidity: not exceeding 95% RH, non-condensing
kukonzaMadzi ofunda sopo
Net KunenepaAppox. 0.5 kg
miyesoS: 138.6mm (height) ×88.9mm (width) × 93.3mm (thickness)
M: 150.6mm (height) × 95.6mm (width) × 94mm (thickness)
L: 150.6mm (height) × 95.6mm (width) × 96.5mm (thickness)
Mndandanda wazolongedzaVented: Nasal Mask*1, headgear*1,User manual*1
Non vented: Nasal Mask*1, headgear*1,Female connector (Blue)*1, User manual*1

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