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Eget porttitor R & D


Since its founding, Beyond maintains a huge investment in R&D, has gathered (established) a group of senior software and hardware engineers and mechatronics experts, has built a  robust large, pragmatic and efficient R & D team consistings of famous clinical academics and consultants. With a great R&D team and production technologiesy, Beyond comprehensively promotes the ability of innovation, accurately meets the changing market demands of instant market changes, reforms pace with the time change and progress, to provide high-performance products and professional services taking the advantage of production and technology.


Interim post in-profundum develops cooperante et Meridionalis Central University, Changsha University of Science Technology &, Hunan University et Seres Medicina, quod etiam multis de investigationibus scientificis instituta et gymnasiis. Praeterea, ultra Cclinical habet et quia in sectione-ore medicinae medicinae curatio in praeter technologiae insunt de productum innovatione, et, insuper, quod est humanae salutis praebet orbis progressui faventis est cum valuable products magis et plus, et solutiones earum.


Ut Hunan Hi-tech ergolabos trans esse developed et concessit circa XX patents et de privata ad XVI software applications, quod est realis subsidium ad sustainable progressum comitatu per applicationem per ipsam productionem, an consecraverant ad instaurationem et firmitatem et constantiam technologicae an lenimentus a core aemulationes. 

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