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Feixiang series

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Медайымдарды чакыруу тутуму (Feixiang сериясы)

Медайымдарды чакыруу тутуму (Feixiang сериясы)

Продукт өзгөчөлүктөрү


Продукт өзгөчөлүктөрү》》》

Capable of calling memory and loop broadcasting

Englishand Chinese are adjustable as needs

Comply with intercom principle offirstin firstout

Highertime accuracy,yearerrorwithin1minute

ApplyARM-M3 processor,sixtimes fasterthan last generation

Adopttwo-wired system for easier maintenance and more reliability

Fulfillthe two-way communication between patients and nurses

Various models with simple yet classical appearance enable selection as wishes

Support centralized management,electronic information board 

Humanized design to make operations easier yet with multiple practical and docking to HIS systemfunctions


Көрсөтүлгөн продукт》》》


Management Host

Provided with function of seting and display

Two-wired data transmission, and expansion interface reserved to enable connection to computer or other devices;

Detailed list of 60,90, or 120 doors are optional to display synchronously on PC host;

Realize the two-way communication between patients and nurses after connecting to telephones.

Керебетти кеңейтүү

Provided with calling, cancelling and intercom functions 

Up to 9 models are selectable as wishes;

Patient handles are equipped adherence to customers' needs

Either embedded extensions or hang-up extensions is available to satisfy different installation conditions.


Коридорду көрсөтүү

Able to show time and address of calling extension;

Both single-side display panel and double-side display panel are available(single-side panel is used for pharmacy usually)



BYMD-01 эшик чырагы

палатанын эшигине орнотуу үчүн арналган

Linked with bed extension and bathroom extension:

кеңейтүү чалып жатканда кызыл жаркылдаган жарык күйүп турат

Available in monochrome and tri-color lights

BYWY-812L Ванна бөлмөсүнүн кеңейтүүсү

Ваннага же дааратканага орнотууга арналган

Шашылыш чалуу

Possess highest priority foremergency

Water-proof design

Продукцияны көрсөтүү
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