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2023CMEF|BYOND Medical Heavy Appearance!

Tími: 2023-05-20 Skoðað: 23

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   On May 14, 2023, the 87th China International Medical Devices (Spring) Expo (CMEF) opened grandly at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.FYRIR Medical and its entire line of breathing health solutions and new products shocked the CMEF exhibition.


     FYRIR Medical, as a supplier of global medical equipment and solutions, has a concentrated display of new products such as ECG monitoring, infusion pumps, household ventilator cpap/bipap, oxygen machines, covering severe illnesses, operating rooms, home oxygen therapy and other fields. , Showing breakthrough innovation results. Over the years, the company's long -term insistence on high investment has ensured thatBYOND Medical has been constantly promoted in products. While enriching the core strategic sector, it follows the needs of the market.

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     BYOND Medicalalways follows the "product quality" as the centered and "customer needs" as the orientation, establish two major product systems of "life support and information" and "chronic disease diagnosis and treatment and management". The infusion pump, workstation, ECG monitoring, high flow respiratory and humidification therapy instrument, medical non -invasive ventilator, call system, etc., fit different department configuration plans to meet the diverse needs of clinical departments. The "Slow Diagnosis and Management" system covers home ventilator, medical -grade oxygen maker, portable oxygen maker, etc., forming a complete chronic disease respiratory treatment solution.

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     Í áranna rás,BYOND Medical has continued to cultivate high -tech medical fields and accelerate the influence ofFYRIR brand among global customers. At present, products have spread throughout 120 countries and regions. The achievements of medical science and technology serve human health.

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