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New Arrivals|Hopefusion series of infusion syringe pumps are going on the market

Sijhawm: 2021-08-27 Ntaus: 3

Hopefusion series of infusion koob txhaj tshuaj pumps are mus nyob rau tom khw

 tshaj Medical invites you to appreciate the new product

    As the global epidemic is spreading further. In order to win this epidemic prevention war as soon as possible, 

Beyond Medical as a key guarantee enterprise for China's new crown epidemic prevention and control,

and a professional medical device manufacturer, through cutting-edge technological innovation,

 muab a new generation of ua tau zoo thiab high-quality product---Hopefusion series infusion pumps to the hospital of the world.信 20210827110948 _XNUMX_ 副本

Hopefusion series single syringe pump

Smart networking


  It supports WiFi and wired networking to the infusion central station software, 

which can be connected to the hospital's HISCIS system to realize the functions of automatic infusion data collection and centralized monitoring.

 Patient data management function can input patient data, making nursing work more efficient and simple.

 Power integration

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    Flexible selection of SP5 or VP5 infusion pumps, a power cord for centralized power supply, integrated management. 

The 10-channel infusion configuration with a maximum of 4 infusions and 6 infusions fully saves the ntawm lub txaj medical space.

Npaum thiab yooj yim

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3.5-inch large touch screen thiab key dual control mode, convenient operation. Perfect fit for 2~60mL full-model syringes

and the larger volume is suitable for a variety of clinical injection needs. ≥9 infusion modes are yeem (including TIVA) 

to meet the needs of drug infusion in different departments.

Accurate and safe

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After calibration, the infusion accuracy of DSP5 is ≤±1.8%. 

DPS dynamic pressure monitoring can be adjusted in 16 levels to protect patient safety in real time. IP44 protection level, 

effective waterproof and dustproof, suitable for harsh environment.

Worry-free transfer

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SP5/VP5 meets EN1789 ambulance standards.

Use a large-capacity lithium battery with a battery life of more than 10 hours.

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