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International Cooperation -Nigeria Consulate General and Representatives of the African Business Association visited BYOND Medical

Sijhawm: 2022-11-24 Ntaus: 16

      On the afternoon of November 17, the Trade Commissioner of the Nigerian Consulate in Shanghai, Hasan Mohammed, and representatives of the African Business Association visited BYOND Medical .Kenny Sun , the marketing director of the International Sales Department, warmly received visiting foreign guests and held an exchange symposium, laying a solid and friendly foundation for the future international cooperation between the two parties.


      Tom qab mus xyuas BYOND Medical Production Workshop and in -depth understanding of the development of BYOND Medical and future development plans, Mr. Hassan Mohammed highly affirmed the production level and research and development strength of BYOND Kev Kho Mob.


      At the symposium, the two sides conducted in -depth discussions on the future investment and other projects in Africa. During the conversation, foreign representatives expressed their strong interest in the company, and hoped that more entrepreneurs and dealers would lead more entrepreneurs and dealers than BYOND.


    Kenny Sun also expressed that BYOND will actively innovate cooperation models, provide Africa with high -quality medical products and services, promote the win -win situation of Sino -African trade cooperation, and is determined to become Africa's leading medical device products and solutions suppliers.

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