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Byond Medical Helps Central Asian Countries to Fight the Epidemic

Sijhawm: 2022-03-03 Ntaus: 1

It is understood that due to the global outbreak of the Omikron variant, the number of new crown diagnoses in the Central Asian country Kazakhstan has risen rapidly since 2022, exceeding 20,000 in February. Facing the severe epidemic situation, Central Asian countries urgently purchased large quantities of positive pressure cpap/bipap masks from Byond Kev Kho Mob.


In order to deliver anti-epidemic materials to foreign customers in a short period of time, Byond Medical worked overtime to ensure the delivery of positive pressure cpap/bipap masks. At the same time, colleagues from sales, production, and logistics departments work closely together, racing against time, so that customers can receive the goods in the fastest time. In the race against the epidemic, time is life, and we will go all out to contribute to the global fight against the epidemic.

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