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Willkommen, uns auf der Medica Fair in Deutschland zu treffen! Unsere Standnummer ist 17B40-5!

Zeit: 2022-11-08 Zugriffe: 17

Welcome to meet us at Medica Fair in Germany!

Unsere Standnummer ist17B40-5!

Let me know please if you will be there !


   Medica-World Medical Forum and Exhibition, including medical technology, medical imaging, health -it, laboratory equipment, diagnosis and drug exhibitions and meetings.


     Medica is a world -renowned comprehensive medical exhibition. It is recognized as the world's largest hospital and medical equipment exhibition. With its irreplaceable scale and influence, it ranks first in the World Medical Trade Exhibition. Medica is held every year in Dusseldorf, Germany, showing various products and services from outpatient treatment to inpatient treatment. The exhibition products include all conventional large categories of medical equipment and supplies, as well as medical communication information technology, medical furniture equipment, medical furniture equipment , Medical venue construction technology, medical equipment management, etc.

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