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Màscara sense ventilació

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Vented Type: EasyFit NMINon vented Type: EasyFit NMI-NV

1.Three size (S,M and L) to fit patient with weight >30kg
2.Air-leaking prevent: 2-layer of cushions made from medical silicon  
3.Safe: with Anti-asphyxia valve and anti-blocking holes
4.Comfortable: two direction adjustment to fit any size of face
5.Easy to wear or take-off  

Abast de l'aplicació
The nasal mask provides an interface for application of CPAP or bi-level ventilation therapy to patients. It is for single patient use in the home/hospital/institutional environment.


DiferènciaEasyFit NMIEasyFit NMI-NV
TipusVented, with anti-blocking holesNon Vented
connector1 piece, Grey color male2 pieces, Grey colored male type, and Blue colored female type

ComúEasyFit NMI/ EasyFit NMI-NV
Tube compatibleφ22mm (ISO 5356-1)
ResistènciaCaiguda de pressió mesurada
at 50L / min ≤1 cmH2O
at 100L / min ≤2 cmH2O
Informació de l'espai mortDead space refers to the internal cavity of the mask elbow at the end of volume.
Use medium size cushions, the volume of 147 ml.
Interval de pressió4-30 cm H2O
Open-to-atmosphere pressure0.7cmH2O
Close-to-atmosphere pressure2.5cmH2O
sonarIn accordance with ISO 4871
Less than 35dBA
Condicions ambientalsOperating temperature: + 5  fins a + 40 ;
Operating humidity, 15-95% relative humidity, non-condensing.
Storage and transport temperature: -20  fins a + 60 ;
Storage and transport humidity: not exceeding 95% RH, non-condensing
netejaAigua tèbia i sabó
pes netAppox. 0.5 kg
dimensionsS: 138.6mm (height) ×88.9mm (width) × 93.3 mm (gruix)
M: 150.6mm (height) × 95.6mm (width) × 94mm (thickness)
L: 150.6mm (height) × 95.6mm (width) × 96.5mm (thickness)
Llista d'embalatgeVented: Nasal Mask*1, headgear*1,User manual*1
Non vented: Nasal Mask*1, headgear*1,Female connector (Blue)*1, User manual*1

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