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Enteral Nutrition Pump

1 ~1200ml/h (increment 1 ml/h)

BOLUSRate: 1 ~960ml/h (increment 1 ml/h)
Volume: 1 ~100ml (increment 1 ml)
FFRate: 1 ~1200ml/h (increment 1 ml/h) Volume: 1 ~9999ml (increment 1 ml)
VTBD1 ~9999ml (increment 1 ml)
Accumulative Volume0~9999ml (increment 1 ml)
Rate accuracy±5% (After calibration)
manera de treballContinuous mode, intermittent modejeverse mode
Pressió d’oclusió3 nivells
Low: W40 kPa; Medium: ^60 kPa;
High: 580 kPa.
AlarmaBattery Low; battery empty; system power down; abnormal running state; occurrence of occlusion; feeding completed; the feeding set is improperly installed; door opening; forgotten operation; the AC power has been pulled out; equipment failure, etc.
Font d'energiaCA: 100-240Vf 50 / 60HZ;
CC: 15Vf 1.5-2A
Consum d'energia25VA
Lithium Battery AutonomyMore than 6h at a rate of 25ml/h
More than 5h at a rate of 1200ml/h
Impermeable i impermeableIP34
pes net1.2kg
dimensió128mm (L) * 145mm (W) * 212mm (H)
Saftey gradeClass I, CF type

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