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What is a veterinary infusion pump used for?

February 29,2024

A veterinary infusion pump is a medical device used in veterinary medicine to administer controlled amounts of fluids, medications, or other therapeutic substances to animals. It is similar to infusion pumps used in human medicine but designed specifically for the unique needs and characteristics of animals.

Veterinary infusion pumps are commonly used for various purposes, including:


Fluid Administration: 

Infusion pumps are used to deliver intravenous (IV) fluids to animals, helping to maintain proper hydration levels during surgery, illness, or recovery.

Medication Administration: 

The pump can be used to administer precise doses of medications, such as antibiotics, pain relievers, or other therapeutic agents, ensuring accurate and controlled delivery.

Anesthesia Administration: 

In veterinary anesthesia, infusion pumps are utilized to deliver anesthetic agents at a controlled rate to maintain the desired depth of anesthesia during surgical procedures.


Nutritional Support: 

In cases where animals are unable to eat or require specialized nutrition, infusion pumps can be used to deliver enteral nutrition through a feeding tube.


For animals undergoing chemotherapy, an infusion pump can be used to administer chemotherapy drugs at a controlled rate.


The key advantage of using infusion pumps in veterinary care is the ability to precisely control the flow rate and dosage of fluids or medications. This helps in providing optimal treatment while minimizing the risk of over- or under-dosing, contributing to the overall well-being and successful recovery of the animal patient.

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