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Take you to know the ventilator

October 25,2023


I feel scared with a ventilator.  Let others know that I use the ventilator. I don't know what to think? ——This may be the idea of most people who have not understood the ventilator.

In people's impression, the ventilator is only used by patients with crisis, or it is used in the intensive care room like film and television dramas. This makes many patients who snoring and sleeping and sleeping apnea. When the doctor recommends the use of a ventilator, he will have some psychological resistance and feel that wearing this thing is too bad to sleep. Some people are afraid of sleeping with sleep. Let me talk to you today: Isn't it uncomfortable to use breathing opportunities?


The intensive care unit, the ventilator is a must -have instrument

Treatment of snoring with a ventilator is currently the safest and effective treatment. It can disappear the patient's snoring that night, and there will be no great discomfort during the use process. In the early days of the development of the ventilator, the pressure type, the pressure is not adjustable. Relatively speaking, the comfort is not particularly good. The current development of the ventilator is becoming more and more intelligent. Only when the respiratory tract is obstructed, the pressure will rise, and it will not affect normal sleep in a sober state. The higher -end dual level is fully automatic. The difference between the inhalation and exhalation and the normal breathing is not very different. After use, it will have a smooth breathing.


The mask of the ventilator has a greater impact during the use of the machine. The early ventilator masks are very large, bulky, ugly in appearance, and it feels hard in terms of function and appearance. After decades of development, it has been developed for decades. The ventilator mask has also changed a lot. There was only a nose mask before. Now there are not only simple nasal masks, but also a smaller nasal mask. Comfort is getting better and better.


Demonstration of lung breathing

What factors will affect comfort?

1. The parameters set by the ventilator are not appropriate

At present, advanced automatic ventilator also needs to adjust the parameters. If the parameters are not suitable, the pressure is too large or too small, it will cause users to have different sleep difficulties.

2. Incorrect selection of masks

The ventilator mask has many different styles. It should be selected according to the nose and face shape of each person. The inappropriate mask will cause a series of situations such as leakage and gas. Therefore, the mask sometimes directly affects the experience of the ventilator.

3. Model selection error

There are sleep machines, lung function machines, single levels, dual levels ... many different models of different models, if the selected machine is not right, it will cause discomfort during use, and seriously delay the condition.

In summary, can you find that the use of a ventilator can improve the condition? Is it comfortable? It has a direct relationship with the selection of ventilator models, the parameter adjustment of the respiratory engineer, the choice of mask, and so on. If one of the factors are not selected, it will affect the overall experience. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a ventilator to professional institutions. The respiratory engineer recommends the model according to the disease, and then adjust the machine parameter according to the patient's condition at different times.

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