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Product Features

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图片 3HD large display
①3.5"color TFT+Modularized UI design;
②Information display clearly, easy to operation;
Inteligent pressure tritration
①Applied inteligent controlled blower which speeding up and slowing down in time, it provides the patient with a comfortable and stable pressure.;
② Data monitoring 24 hours real-time display to ensure the treatment effect
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图片 5Constant humidifier
Ensure a comfortable humidity to improve comfort
Ramp time ajustable from 1 to 60 minutes to improve compliance of therapy
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图片 7Sakit dizayn
German technology, high quality blower, double fan blades, silenced air channel with sound less than 30 db, quiet enough to let you forget its existence.
Ayrılabilir dizayn
Host and humidifier are separable, easy to carry; Humidifier detachable, easy to clean, more sanitary.
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