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On September 13, 2023, in Bangkok, Thailand, the international medical device and equipment and hospital supplies exhibitions were held as scheduled. As one of the influential medical device exhibitions in Southeast Asia, the Medical Fair hosted by Dussell attractedabout 1,000 exhibitors from more than 40 countries.Theyshowedtheiradvanced equipment, instruments, products and services from the world's medical field.BYOND Medical also ushered in the first Thai exhibition in the post -epidemic era.



BYOND Medical debuted the exhibition with a series of products, life support and information (infusion pump, multi -parameter monitoring instrument, medical non -invasive ventilator, high -flow respiratory and wetting therapy instrument, medical call management system, medical engineering, etc.), medical engineering, etc.), medical engineering, etc.), slow), slow), slow) Diagnosis and management (household non -invasive ventilator, oxygen making machine, respiratory mask, etc.), innovative incubation projects (animal medicine, etc.).


Exhibition hall: Hall 98-99

Booth number: T13


Chronic -disease diagnosis and management

Free breathingHealth partner

Household non -invasive ventilator is clinically used to treat sleep and respiratory suspension syndrome (SAS) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) related diseases. Full performance products are favored. The intelligent data management system helps doctors and patients to monitor and pay attention to diagnosis and treatment effects, and provide a more intelligent service experience.


The new medical non -invasive ventilator shows the audience a more powerful respiratory intervention equipment.


High -flow respiratory and humidification treatment instrument, clinically, has a positive treatment effect on patients with mild moderate hypoxemia, hypoxic respiratory failure and other diseases.

Life support and information


Help life beyond infinite


 The collection plan of infusion pump workstation attracts customers' attention.And its connection with the hospital system facilitates the unified operation of medical infusion and ward management. The realization of transportation conditions also gives customers more choices.


   The pet pump is small and portable, the nutrition pump is simple, and the career and the infusion product provides customers with the possibility ofone -stop product solution.

   BYOND Medical, as the leading manufacturers for professional respiratory diagnosis and lifesupport,has developed rapidly in 14 years and never stopped creating. It exports products and services to 120 countries around the world, aiming at spreading products into broader universe. Exploring further and further intomarket, BYOND Medical provides dealers with complete service support, and provides more feasible diagnosis and treatment plans for more medical patients.


2023 BYOND Medical International Exhibition Planning

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