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Let Europeans try it for free, place an order if you are satisfied, and return anytime you are not satisfied!

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Beyond have warehouse in Netherlands! Welcome to contact us for details.

Hunan Biyang: Let Europeans try it for free, place an order if you are satisfied, and return anytime you are not satisfied!

Speaking of European customers’ distrust of the quality of Chinese products, President Biyang Chen is also a little helpless. Although he has an advanced infusion workstation system and has participated in MEDICA, Germany’s largest medical equipment exhibition for many times, he has not had much opportunity to test it. , Most customers are still in the wait-and-see stage. While helpless, Mr. Chen is full of confidence in the quality of his products. He said, “As long as customers are willing to try, they will definitely understand and believe that our quality is as good as Europe and the United States. With the European shared office, our strategy is to let Interested European customers have a free trial. You can place an order after the quality is satisfied. If you are not satisfied, you can return it at any time. We will promptly deal with a small number of subsequent problems with the product, and help the customer to repair or replace the product in Europe as soon as possible.

At present, Hunan Biyang's first batch of infusion pumps to the Umedwings shared European office has entered the Dutch warehouse, and several samples have been contacted with European customers for trial during the shipment. All the pictures sent to customers in emails, which guarantee the quality, will now become a real prototype, placed in the customer's office, allowing customers to experience the quality and precision described by Bill Young. I believe that many customers who are in the hesitation stage will have a better understanding of Biyang's products after trialing the prototype, and make faster decisions about whether to purchase. It is also expected that Billan will gain a firm foothold in Europe and win glory for national medical equipment overseas.



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