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Focus on the FIME 2023, see you next year

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FIME 2023 successfully closed at the Miami Beach Conference Center on June 23, local time. FIME is the largest medical professional exhibition in the southeast of the United States. As the world's largest medical device market, the United States is the largest revenue area in the global medical device market. The US market has also become a must -have for global industry people. The exhibition area and internationality have both. In addition to the United States, it also attracted a large number of exhibitors and professional buyers from Latin American countries.


This exhibition comes from more than 100 countries and regions, more than 2,000 participating companies, and nearly 30,000 professional audiences. Chinese medical device companies at the FIME exhibition site each year are the remarkable fire red exhibition area. A total of 400+ Chinese exhibitors ushered in this exhibition, showing an area of nearly 5,000 square meters. As a benchmark enterprise in the field of medical display,BYOND Medical is distributed globally. The exhibition brought a wonderful appearance of the three -generation ventilator ResFree Series CPAP/BIPAPof heavy products at this exhibition, which has attracted much attention.


Simplified design,Detachable humidifier,WiFi Connectivity,Faster uploads of the patients'CPAP usage data,Easy to carry and operate,travel friendly,Bigger water tanks,Larger reservoir,no need to be refilled during the night.Prevent dry throat and nasal passages.


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