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2023HOSPITALAL Brazil International Medical Device Exhibition is wonderful, better than Sailing Brazil!

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         The2023 Brazil Hospitalar Medical Exhibition was held at the St. Paul World Expo in Brazil from May 23-26. Hospitalar is the leading medical industry in South America. It covers the topic of HIMSS, CISS, home medical, medical equipment innovation, and other themes. It is invited from South America and the world. The voice of authoritative persons in the scope of the scope is an important platform for understanding future trends and innovative technologies in the field of medical devices.


       For thefour-day exhibition event, Hospitalar2023 brought the exhibitors a feaston the medical industry. The exhibition not only demonstrated the latest medical product equipment andcutting-edge leading technologies but also fully showed the huge potential of the South American market. Brazil is the brightest star in South America. Especially in medical care, it has unparalleled potential. The exhibition area of this exhibition is over 4,000 square meters and more than 250 exhibitors in China.


As a leader in the field of respiratory diagnosis and therapeutic equipment in the domestic medical device industry,BYOND Medical has been deeply cultivated in the field of respiratory diagnosis and treatment equipment since its establishment and has continuously provided innovative medical products and solutions.


In this exhibition, BYOND Medical brought the latest three-generation Resfree series and pet pump products. It shone and appeared. It shared and exchanged and exchanged innovative technologies andcutting-edge concepts with many medical industry experts and partners from all over the world. Professional buyers from Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, and other countries stop to consult and negotiate.



Over the years, BYOND Medical has always adhered to the company's mission of "escorting human health with technology" to serve customers at home and abroad. This service concept has also been widely recognized by customers at the exhibition. In the future, BYOND Medical will leave a figure in Latin America, more European, American, Asia, and other potential international markets, and make a loud sound for Chinese medical brands.

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