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Heating Pen>>>

1. Prepare the gutta percha

2. Prepare 2-3 suitable vertical pressers to press the guttapercha

3. Select the appropriate gutta-percha tip as the main tip so thatit is suitable for the size and shape of the root canal. It shouldbe closely attached to the root canal wall at the 1/3 of the root tip, and there is obvious "back pullresistance" Note: The length of the selected gutta-percha tip should be 0.5-1mm shorter than the working length to avoid overfiling

4. electing different types of heating needle according to different conditions of the root canal, mark the new working length, usually the marking length should be 5-7mm shorter than the working length, and the available heated plugger models are F, FM,M, ML

5. Insert the selected heating needle into the heating pen, connect it securely and adjust the angle

Operation of Heating Pen

·The heating pen is used to vertically squeeze the hot flowing gutta-percha tip in the root canal. In addition, the instrument can also be used to cut the tip of gutta-percha

1. Dry the root canal, thoroughly dry the root canal before filling the root canal to prevent liquid interference in the root canal. If there is residual liquid in the root canal, it will seriously interfere with the rise of the heatied needle temperature of the heating pen and the softening degree of utta-percha

2. Apply a thin layer of root can paste to the root canal wall and the tip of the gutta-percha, and then place the tip of the gutta-percha into the root canal

3. Set the heating temperature of the heating needle through the power buton, then press and hold the heating button, the heating needle starts to heat up, cut the gutta percha at the root canal edge

4. Use a suitable vertical pressurizer, gently tap around the root canal, press the working end, compact the gutta-percha with the apex, and clean the root canal wall to flatten the material

5. The heating needle continues to heat up, slowly advances in the root canal, and pushes the softened gutta-percha down in a continuous working manner until 2MM from the reference poin

6. Stop heating and continue applying appropriate downward pressure to the gradually cooled gutta-percha tip until the rubber stop reaches the reference point

7. Maintain a stable root pressure, gently press for 10s, then heat for 1s, remove the residual gutta-percha, and use a hand pressurizer for vertica compaction

8. After use, please press the power button to turn off the pen

9. Remove the heating needle, clean the machine and related components, and prepare for the next use

Filling Pen>>>

1. Tighten the needle nut.

2. Depending on the condition of the tooth to be treated, use a wrench to bend the injection needle to the appropriate angle and rotate the direction of the injection needle.

3. Selecting the injection needle according to the thickne ss of the root canopy 2/3

4. Insert the gutta-percha and push the gutta-percha in-to the position of the injection needle with the push rod




Operation of Filling Pen

1. Press the "Power"button to start the flling pen. Set the heating temperature by pressing the "S"button. Adjust the temperature to a temperature that matches the gum stick

2. Insert the filling needle and tighten the needle nut

3. Put the gutta-percha rod into the filling pen with a medical sputum, then push the gutta-percha rod into the gutta-percha needle with the push rod; when the push rod reaches the working position, stop propelling

4. Click the "Power"button to heat up, and the display window will show a dynamic rising temperature process

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