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Product Features
Applicable syringe specifications:2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50/60ml
Infusion Mode:1.Simple mode 2.Vol/T mode 3.Vol/W mode4,Sequential mode5.Micro mode 6.Intermittent mode 7.Ramp Up/Down mode 8.First dose mode
Flow rate:2ml:0.01~60ml, 5ml:0.01~150ml, 10ml:0.01~300ml, 20ml:0.01~600ml, 30ml:0.01~900ml, 50/60ml:0.01~2200ml
Bolus rate & volume:0.01~1500ml/h     0.01~10ml
FF rate:0.01~2200ml
KVO rate:0.01~5.0ml/h (0.01ml step)
Preset Volume limit:0.01 9999.99ml, (0.01ml step)
Accumulated infusion volume:0.01 9999.99ml, (0.01ml step)


Cutting-edge Design,Better Experience

Bigger screen providing more legibility and ease

Clear and explicit button instructions to guide easier use

Apply excellent enclosure materials (PBT+PC)to fulfill better clinical purity  with easier disinfecting and cleaning


 Humanized Design, Better Operability

Capable of calibrating injection accuracy

Provide various alarm prompts and function of alarm removal

Up to 2000 pcs operation records can be stored

Three levels of occlusion are available and inline pressure stat-us are displayed

VTBI function, controlling the injected drug volume each time

Independent design of motor driver CPU and motor subdivision driver chip

 Intelligent Design,More Care

Compatible with a variety of syringes to meet all kinds of clin-ical injection needs

Various injection modes are selectable to satisfy different ho-spital departments and different drugs injection

KVO function is activated automatically after injection com-pleted

Injection volume is adjustable during injection processes through BOLUS function



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